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Increase your bottom line profits with the #1 Wellness Program Solution for independent veterinary hospitals
  • Implementation Specialist

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    Implementation Specialist
    Your Implementation Specialist will help you compile necessary information, schedule appointments and coordinate and perform management trainings.

  • Example Plans with Pricing

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    Example Plans with Pricing
    Review sample plans and pricing to help you determine how to set up your individual program. Learn how successful hospitals have made Petly work for their practice.

  • Web-based Software Interface

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    Web Based Software Interface
    Our TruePet™ software application is the latest technology in an easy to use web-based software application. From integration with practice management software to reports on plan information and payments, manage your program in one place.

  • Custom Marketing Materials

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    Custom Marketing Materials
    Market your program effective to clients with everything from brochures to posters. We'll help you select, create and order materials.

  • Payment Processing

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    Payment Processing
    A secure gateway owned and managed by your hospital allows you to manage plan payments.

  • Customer Service
    & Support

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    Customer Service and Support
    Our IT team and Customer Care Coordinators will help you answer any questions and troubleshoot any problems that may arise, during and after implementation.

Every tool needed to create, manage and collect payment for your wellness plans is HERE!

Petly Health Plan Management provides what you need most all in one application. Plan creation, manage item usage, auto process payments, client contract, custom marketing materials and marketing campaign.

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Implementation is easy because we do the set up! Petly has the very best customer service and support.

START with the tools you’ll need to blast out of the gate, ahead of your competitors! Begin enrolling plans NOW and see the revenue grow immediately. Presentation is everything and with a professional look, the right plan content and pricing, an organized marketing initiative and a company to drive the production, you will see rapid results.

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Lots of hospitals use Petly, hear what they have to say!
  • Animal Clinic of Gulf Gate

    We had heard about wellness programs through another company and while doing research on the concept we found out about Petly Health Care Management. Feedback so far has been very positive. Clients seem interested and willing to sign up. It has been much easier than we expected. We have seen increases in necessary services. Once they sign up, we go ahead and schedule preventative care. That way they get it done and we know they are getting the full benefit of the program. Our clients also use exam co-pays. We have had a few clients comment that if they had to pay the full exam fee, they would have waited and not brought their pet in at that time. Clients are also definitely more compliant with rechecks.... Read more!
  • Sunshine Animal Hospital

    We began to think about Wellness Plans for two primary reasons. One, we wanted to get greater compliance with vaccine protocols and medical progress rechecks. The second reason was to offset the loss of revenue from the mobile roving pet vaccine clinics, which are operating regularly in our area. The Petly program has allowed us to make inroads into both of these areas. We are definitely providing better overall medical care to these patients. Low monthly payments allow clients to stay with our hospital for their pet’s care (as opposed to a mobile unit!) and get the comprehensive care, testing and vaccines needed while staying within their family’s budget! Last month we had 30 patients who visited and paid a co-pay.... Read more!
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