Meet Your Petly Plans Team Leads

Sandy Porter – Customer Success Specialist Lead 

Sandy has been part of the IDEXX family for over 17 years and joined the Petly Plans team in 2015. Coming from the IDEXX Pet Health Network Pro Communications Specialist team, Sandy has an extensive background in customer communications. Her team is devoted to ensuring that practices see success against their preventive care plan goals by consulting on marketing strategies, staff engagement, and work flow efficiencies.



Melissa Diaz – Communications Specialist Lead

Melissa recognized her passion for animal medicine at a young age and has dedicated her life to pursuing a career in delivering and supporting high-quality care for pets of all kinds. With over 17 years of experience as a veterinary technician, Melissa offers Petly Plans practices invaluable guidance on plan creation and pricing, staff training, performance goals, and more.




Eneri Beaulieu – Implementation Specialist Lead  

Eneri (pronounced energy without the g) brings over 16 years of experience in the veterinary industry as a training supervisor and manager. Her dedication for creating a superior customer experience coupled with her technical expertise makes her the go-to person for questions related to system integration, payment processing, and Petly Plans functionality.


Here’s how they do it:

  • Implementation and setup

    We’ll ensure a clear and concise path for getting your team up and running with IDEXX Petly Plans – including setting a program launch date, syncing your application to your practice management software, consulting on plan creation, pricing and staff training.

  • Plan creation and pricing

    We’ll provide guidance on preventive care services to embed into your plans, the number of plans you might offer, and pricing that makes sense based on your services.

  • Payment processing and technical set-up

    With our unique software integration capability, we’ll ensure that your Petly Plans application syncs directly with your practice management software for seamless plan management and automated client monthly payments.

  • Training

    One of the most important parts of a successful program is training. Our team is committed to ensuring your entire team is trained and prepared before you launch. This includes full-staff training on the Petly Plans application, management training for administrators and guidance on how to talk to clients about the benefits of enrolling in Petly Plans.

  • Client Marketing

    Promoting and marketing your plans is critical in the success of Petly Plans. We’ll ensure you have the marketing tools you need to efficiently and effectively promote your plans throughout the hospital – from customized printed materials in your practice to social media posts and email campaigns.

  • Ongoing Support

    You’ll have 24/7 access to the product help desk where you can quickly search for common support questions, how-to documents, video demonstrations, training information and more.